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On this website I present my collection Bauhaus related ceramics. My collection is still growing. While collecting my knowledge grows as well.

The world of collectors is a passionate one. It is great to meet fellow collectors.

The conversations give me and my curiosity a new boost.

As I am a Dutch art historian I prefer to use here the English language because the interest in ceramics from the Art Deco period has no bounderies. 

In 2008 I made a trip to the Bauhaus in Dessau. That initiated my collecting activities.

photos below by Bob Bronshoff

Elisabeth Eyl 01
Elisabeth Eyl 08
Elisabeth Eyl 07
Elisabeth Eyl 02
Elisabeth Eyl 03
Elisabeth Eyl 06
Elisabeth Eyl 05
Elisabeth Eyl 04
Elisabeth Eyl 09
Elisabeth Eyl 10
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